My Story

Growing up, I was a pretty active kid and teenager, playing soccer from age 5 to 17. As I got older, I become more aware of my body - thicker thighs, big butt, soft tummy. I started making little changes to my eating in order to stay as small as possible. Tiny changes, like carefully dipping my fork into the side of salad dressing before each bite, so I didn’t eat too many calories, became my normal. And it felt normal for a while. When I left California to go to college in Alabama, however, I began to feel more and more “out of control” around food. I would eat ice cream until I felt sick at night, then wake up in the morning determined to “be better.” I would restrict and and binge and over-exercise and try my hardest to keep up wildly unsustainable habits that I thought were healthy. I thought that once I became a dietitian, all my problems would be solved. Nope.

I was given the book Intuitive Eating after a tear-filled confessional appointment with my college’s dietitian. My behavior made so much more sense, and I realized I definitely was not alone. Fast forward to now - I’m still figuring out what intuitive eating looks like for me, and I’m working hard as hell to foster a healthy relationship with food. Now my goal is to help teach other young women that life is so much more than dieting.

My Philosophy

Dieting doesn’t work. Sure, we might lose a bunch of weight really fast, but it comes back. And it comes back hard.

What does work:

  • Taking the time to unpack your issues surrounding food

  • Unlearning diet culture thoughts and habits

  • Learning that food is not an issue of morality, and that your value does not come from what you look like


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

  • Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, University of Alabama

  • Bachelors of Science in Food and Nutrition, University of Alabama

Fun Stuff

  • Annoyingly big fan of The Office

  • Will eat a slightly warm corn tortilla with mashed avocado, garlic powder, and a pinch of salt every day if available

  • Consistently show people pictures of my family dog, Rocket, without warning

  • Really freakin’ passionate about women owning businesses and realizing their potential and being badasses