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Tired of eating “clean” all day and binging on “junk” at night?

It’s time to unlearn the bullsh*t that's been drilled into your brain from years of dieting.


Wellness for the body and soul

Weight loss without dieting. Sounds magical, right? It’s not magic, just involves dealing directly with all the body/eating bullsh*t you’re holding onto.


I polled my audience and found that everyone wants… *drum roll please* healthy, easy recipes. No surprises there. Here are my go-to meals, snacks, and desserts.


Sorry, but workweek Jordan is not standing in the kitchen for 2 hours to make a meal. If you feel the same way, check out these super quick recipes.


My Story Jordan Mitchell, MS, RD

My Story

I’m willing to bet my struggles sound a lot like yours.


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Taking pictures of your food pays for mine.


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