Easiest Ever Veggie Fried Rice

it's the middle of the week right before the holiday season really kicks off.
we're tired.
let's keep this short and sweet. 

how to make veggie fried rice:
- this recipe is only fast and easy under one condition: you already have leftover cooked, cold rice (or quinoa, etc.) in the fridge
- there are no amounts listed because this is a throw together dish - put whatever you have in it
- takes 20 minutes max
- okay here it is:

saute onions down in oil of choice (~7 min) + carrots (~4 min) + frozen peas and minced garlic (1 min)  + cold cooked rice (3 min) + shake of low sodium soy sauce - mix it up
make a well in the middle + splash of oil + scramble some eggs in it
turn the heat off + tiny bit of sesame oil + sliced green onion
eat all of it and smile because it rivals your fave takeout 

why it's good:
- brown rice = fiber + complex carbs = keeps you full, no blood sugar spike
- colorful veggies (yes, white is a color in this case) = powerful phytonutrient goodness
- egg = high-quality protein 

when you have the mental capacity to meal plan, this is a great meal to cook a huge batch of and eat all week.

Jordan Mitchell, RD Veggie Fried Rice Pinterest