A Dietitian's Go-To Weekday Meals

One of the most important things when we’re learning to eat intuitively and stop binge eating is to eat every few hours. Often times we are binge eating at night because we’re not eating enough during the day. It is hard to think of meal and snack ideas, especially during the workweek! Here is a rough collection of the recipes and meal/snack ideas that have been getting me through. I’ll update this list when new favorites are added to my rotation.


- Overnight Oats

I usually eyeball my oats using the following ingredients: about equal parts quick cooking oats and almond milk, PLUS the fun stuff: peanut butter/peanut butter powder, dark chocolate chips, vanilla extract, and a splash of natural maple syrup. Make the night before or even the morning of for a tasty, sweet breakfast. And yes, haters, I eat them cold.

- Meal Prep Egg Cups

I haven’t written down my egg cup recipe yet, but my current favorite flavor is sweet potato and spinach! Here is a helpful list of a bunch of different recipes from Meal Prep on Fleek.


- Veggie Burger + Snacks

One of my go-to lunches at work is to heat up a frozen, pre-made veggie burger (or two depending on how hungry I am) with some popcorn, baby carrots, a cheese stick, and tons of Tapatio hot sauce.

- Bagged Salad + Last Night’s Protein

I am just now discovering the glory of mixing up a bag of salad that someone else already put all the ingredients into! The kale ones are my favorite - haven’t found one that I haven’t loved. Adding some of the protein from last night’s dinner helps me feel full and satisfied.

Chicken Tinga Tacos Jordan Mitchell, RD


- Chicken Tinga Tacos

I have been DYING to share this recipe with you all - and it’s not one that I wrote! I have been making these insanely bomb tacos shared by Pinch of Yum almost every week since I first tried them. I make them in the Instant Pot for a fairly quick date night dinner at home. You’ll love these smoky, savory tacos with just a hint of heat!

- Sweet Potato Hash

Yes, this is more like a breakfast/brunch dish, but I eat it for dinner, so here it stays. Keep some sweet potatoes on hand at all times, and I bet you’ll be making this for dinner in no time. Done in under 30 minutes for sure! I actually haven’t eaten this in a while, so I’m excited that it’s back in my rotation! Get my simple recipe here.